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      About Us


      Company Profile

      CHTC JOVE HEAVY INDUSTRY Co.Ltd, (shortened as CHTC JOVE),
      is one of the subsidiaries of stated-owned company CHTC Group. As a high-tech company, CHTC JOVE gets strong national support, and it is developing, manufacturing, and marketing in the domains of construction machinery, advanced textile machinery and new material equipment.

      All the products of CHTC JOVE are meeting with the national strategy and corresponding to equipment manufacturing development.

      The main products for construction machinery includes excavator, static pile driver, long auger drilling machine, rotary drilling rig, multi-functional drilling rig, horizontal directional driller and a dozen series of varieties.

      The performances of the equipments are stable and reliable. Those equipments are in the leading position of their domains, and have been sold to the whole country and also have been exported to over 30 foreign countries.


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